Doping and cycling.. according to timmer.

Here’s how I see what is currently happening in cycling; drugs have always been here. I was flipping through a TDF picture book and came across a picture of Eddy merckx, Freddy maertens, Roger devlamink, all walking their bikes in protest of random drug testing in the TDF.. in 1968!! So drugs have always been a part of the sport.. in fact all sports. But why the attack on cycling? Here’s my theory; pro cycling contracts are getting bigger than the sport and its sponsors can support. So someone high up the ranks decided it was time to thin the herd. Armstrong was a one man show in cycling for a healthy chunk of time. No one was going to touch him and no one, while he was around, was going to make that amount of money.. not even close. Then he retired. The sponsorship bar was raised extremely high. The almighty American dollar entered the sport.. then contracts opened up.. doors were wide open for Lance’s replacement. But too many new names came in making demands of sponsors and team management to build teams with strong rider to support key guys. Let’s remind ourselves that everyone at this point is doing drugs. Now, have a closer look at cycling compared to a stadium sport like football. Where is the sponsorship return? Is there a return? There are no ticket sales to bike racing, at least not enough to quantify the sport’s existence. Football, however, banks on it.. we build massive stadiums, sell tons of logowear, tickets and consession on top of it. The marketing monster behind the American stadium sport is an economy in itself. Cycling isn’t, nor are a number of other “euro-alternative” sports. Do football players use drugs? Of course! But why would you slow down that money making machine? I was just watching Ken Burns “10th Enning” on PBS.. this show was an epiphony for me. A decade ago now, baseball struggled with the drug issue.. there’s was a little different. A battle for new records by players, again, making millions.. way more than they deserved. Not just one player (ala Lance) but three!! McGuire, Sosa and Bonds. Super stars.. all busted in time using performance enhancers. Did it impact ticket sales and viewership? Nope. Back to cycling. What now? Cycling will right itself. In time anyway. Just like it did after the Festina affair of 96/97. The contract/sponsor dollar will correct itself and we’ll get back to good old fashioned doped up bike racing!


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11 responses to “Doping and cycling.. according to timmer.

  1. JB

    Here’s another theory…

    As I recall, the sponsorship bar was clearly on the way down well before Lance called it a day. This was likely one of the factors that helped him decide to take his sabbatical. Another factor was that Lance had very little to gain and absolutely EVERYTHING to lose if he didn’t stop when he did. It’s hard to really say with any certainty which came first… did Lance retire and then the tougher enforcement came… or did Lance see it (or was he told????) coming? Look at the ‘busts’ of the bigger names prior and just post Lance… there is some interesting patterns to see. It’s also likely a big reason why many sponsors got-the-hell-out-of-dodge!!

    Now, why cycling and not other sports that also have drugs in them? I’m not sure if it’s the money or not. It’s certainly possible. I believe one of the main reasons Lance was never busted is because he generated far tooooooo much money for a sport that by it’s almost very design will never have much of a ROI. Money does ‘talk’. However, I think there might be another reason. How many other professional sports have people die while still relatively young and also (supposedly) healthy? What are the death rates per capita for professional cyclists? Now compare that to ANY professional sport you want. If other professional athletes were falling dead on the fields and courts at the same rate as cyclists, things would likely be pretty different.


  2. truth

    i think it’s McQuaid who’s been pocketing money from pros to have tests thrown out or ignored!!
    whatever you do don’t let a 3rd party in on your scam!

  3. truth

    his people? what? who?
    [Kohl] was under the impression he was never going to be caught and he was reassured by his people that he was never going to be caught.”

  4. T$

    Timmer, there has aways been juice flowing through the veins of our heroes. Like the old quote from Tom Simpson before he died: “if it takes ten pills to kill you, I’ll have nine.” But times are different. Cat 3’s poking themselves with needles. Masters sucking blood to get a stars and stripes jersey. It’s not about money for them. This cheatin’ is getting contagious.

  5. Why does this post exist? What possible excuse can you give me for this poorly scripted post? This tripe? Back to 1968? Back to Jesus Lizards and Michelangelo. Back to Mayans and Romans and American Indians and Congress and the Senate and the President.


    So get off your high horse, your horse is standing in a ditch. You take drugs to perform better everyday. Think you don’t? Look in your medicine chest or your bong or your fridge druggies. Then try this post on for size.

    Seems a little tight right?

    Of course it does….

    Because your full of shit.

  6. hansen

    yo are you alive? no update since sept of 2010. did you fall off the rollers? Or get burried under a pile of empty cases of beer? anyway see ya at frost bike… on….

  7. So out of character for you. Who would ever… OMG! How could this happen? How could this happen to me? How could this happen here? How could this happen now? How could this happen? For the love of god what have I done! How could this happen! How! How! HOW! So out of character for me. So out of character for you. Don’t box me in. I cannot be controlled. I am free to do the things I know are right. I wanna be free, just me. Mother, I’m going to kill you.

  8. No not under cases of beer just living and riding once and a while. Was at hopkins good to see nothing has changed in mn racing same as it ever was. Timmer watch rescue me thats where the comments came from. But beer is good ,and ya ya ya drugs. sticking with NyQuill and Jameson cures all and you sleep like a baby….

  9. door haar enthousiaste zwaai verdwijnt haar gezicht… Click

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