.. more racin’ and it ain’t over.

Just finish 5 days of racing in 6 with a Friday off. It started with the Ride & Glide TT finale. A perfect evening provided for a fast time on the fixed gear breaking my own course record by a handful of seconds. Next year I suspect the time will attract some attention and it’ll come down, if not by me anyway. Thanks to the Ride & Gliders for the series and if the weather cooperates this winter I may make part 2; the R & G XC Ski tt.


Photo: Robbie Halvorson

 Wednesday was the Black Dog tt finale. Gear choice may have cost me the race but a PR would be a stretch after the previous night’s efforts so a 2nd place by 4 seconds was all I could muster and a 3rd overall in the series. But my 14:07 will stand as the fastest fixed gear time.. until it gets broke next year, if not my me anyway.


Thursday was the State Points race championships at the NSC Velodrome. 80 laps under the lights on a perfect night. Fall is in the air and I was first across the line but 4th on points behind Crosby, Bergman and Tainter. Taking a lap from those guys was a tall order.


Saturday was the Big Ring Fliers TT. 19-ish miles on great roads. The weather was harsh with a north wind and cool temps. Bjorn Selander and Ian Stanford were in the hood raising the bar and dropping the winning time. I was 4th with tired legs but still love the event and hope it continues to attract racers of all levels.


Photo: SkinnySki

 Sunday closed out my series of races with the State Road Race on the Sibley County Road course.. a course I’ve been riding since 1992 and one of my favorites. A great team effort had me feeling fresh on the last lap but I wasn’t alone. Five of us seperated ourselves from the field on the last climb to battle out the uphill sprint finish taken by Doug Swanson. It was a disappointent to not finish off the great team effort with a win but i’m no sprinter and 5th was all my tired legs could muster.


The Fuji Team RC will be traded in for  Fuji C10 Mountain bike. The RC is a great bike. It was everything I could ask for from a road bike. If you are interested in it contact NOW Bikes in Arden Hills. It will be in near perfect condition, race ready and pre-installed with good karma.

new bike pics and lyles 005

 Next up; more Thursday night track racing, The Henderson Two Person TTT, Chequamegon Fat Tire Fest and closing out the year at the Tour de Gruene


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  1. tmanderfeld

    Looks like you may get a chance throw down with Lance.

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