2009 Season wrap up..

The season finally wrapped up for me at the Tour De Gruene in Texas last weekend. A great time and a great event. Saturday was a 16 mile time trial with a 27 mile 2 person team time trial on Sunday. The race has been made famous by Lance Armstrong’s presense but he was busy auctioning his bikes in NYC. It didn’t detract from the event though as it’s been around since ’84. The tt course was one of my all time favorites; 8 mile, sinuous out and back course along the Guadaloup River and made for the fixed gear. I turned a 50-14 to a 37:16 for the 16 mile race (26.6mph ave). Some of Texas’ fastest were in attendance so it was good for 7th in my category but considering my fitness I was exstatic. I stayed on a nice rythm, passed 3 racers and was never passed myself. I undergeared to accomodate my lack of fitness and it was perfect. There were numerous photographers and small pockets of cheering crowds along the course really adding to the excitement of the race.

tourdegruene 019

Early the next day it was 2 person time and HED Mafia boss Vince Rosetta and myself attacked the course for second in our division. It was a variation of the tt course but add a climb and a stint on a roughly chip sealed highway which limited us to a 25mph average speed.

tourdegruene 040

HED is making a huge dent in the bike wheel scene in Texas thanks in part to Vince, Mellow Johnnies and a hoste of great shops in and around Austin and San Antonio. Probably second to our very own Twin Cities.

tourdegruene 066

There was a healthy chunk of time before this event without much riding and no racing. Chequamegon was the last race where I pinned on a number. One of the fsatest on record and I felt it. I got a little over-concerned with weight loss and ran the tank to empty a little too early in the race but as always a great event to participate in. The start is about as stressfull as a race can get.. I just have to figure out how to conquer the Birkie Trail rollers.


A work trip to London and Cycle Show UK provided for a great experience. Quite a bit smaller than Las Vegas’ Interbike but a better invironment; more time triallers, good conversations and a more efficient booth space; 1964 VW bus.

cycleshowuk 058 cycleshowuk 025 cycleshowuk 066 cycleshowuk 093 cycleshowuk 075 cycleshowuk 060 

Kelly, Merckx, Backstedt, Malcom Elliot and Barry Hoban (missed phot opp) autographed the VW.

So, a super long season is behind me. A great season despite some of my results. Racing and training on a fixed gear has been a revelation and I’m looking forward to seeing how far I can push myself on it in 2010.


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3 responses to “2009 Season wrap up..

  1. jason magozzi

    The start house in Texas looks like a rodeo pen…..Did you buy the house Nordeast???

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