Henderson Two Person TTT

The two man ttt is a unique event. The pros have and have had a number of events on their calendar for years. First there was the Baracchi Trophy in Italy that goes way back and the Duo Normand that still exists today.
As they say about team time trialling; you are only as fast as your weakest member. So in a 2-up ttt compatability is key. Who better to match my ability than Dan Casper. We’ve battled out all season long at nearly 25 events including Grudge match pursuits and worked together in a team pursuit with Jim Cullen and James Tainter. So i’m no stranger to his wheel. We decided on fixed gear bikes. Knowing we could both ride faster given the right conditions and course profile. We had both on this day; calm conditions with high humidity and a rippin fast course profile that tempted me with an individual effort. However, this was a welcomed challenge. Unlike road racing you don’t need a full field to have a good race. Attendance was low but the competition strong from Flanders duo Mark Skarpohl and Mike Woehl. Last year Aric Hareland and myself lost by a wheel length to Gordy Paulson and Lance Niles.. less than a seond seperated us in the 30 minute event. Our goal was to simply go faster. We did rolling a 30:18. It was hard. I felt good going out and Casper said after that he struggled but he never missed a pull. That effort caught up with me on the way back and Dan had to take longer pulls so I could recover. I can smell a sub 30 minute effort and I hope we get the chance again next year. It’s a great venue.
Next up is Chequamegon Fat Tire 40



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2 responses to “Henderson Two Person TTT

  1. More than just being well-matched in speed terms, you need to get the changeovers sorted. Team Grumpy (http://teamgrumpy.blogspot.com) have settled on 30-60 second spells.

  2. Rich

    Tim you don’t know me but I realized I ran into you on Halloween. I was the guy you asked dor directions to Gruene. Problems were: 1. I had no idea, 2. I was fixated on the CX race I was doing at the park. As you pulled away I saw the HED wheels and the Minnesota plate, and thought ‘that was Mulrooney’. Anyway I’m arecent transplant from Plymouth and I know your name from being around the bike scene up there the last 4 years. How did it go at Gruene?

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