Finally beat the ghost!

After numerous defeats I finally took time out of Casper. It was another bluster time trial this time at the Ride n Glide TT in Withrow. Dan’s has had a brilliant season and has figured out one key element; think less. It’s somethin I’ve been harping for years.. well two or three anyway when I decided to ‘unplug’ and race on feel. Not only have we both unplugged but we both have taken the next step in ‘feeling’ a time trial by riding fixed gear tt bikes. My best performances this year have come on the fixi.. in shorter events though; Black Dog, TNT and Withrow. Last night Dan may have been undergeared opting to use his pursuit gear (51-14) for pursuit training and perhaps to battle the nasty headwind when riding south on the 3rd leg on Manning Blvd. However, the tailwind was overwhelming for even my 50-13.. But i do feel like I’m coming around. Age may have something to do with the late start. I also rode my coveted HED3  wheelset and no control issues. Dan opting for conventional front, disc rear. The battle continues tonight at Black Dog then it’s time to start preppin’ for FH50 where I won’t be riding the fixi btw.

tnt2009 005


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