Fixi fever and lots of racing..

Congrats to James Tainter on a silver medal at Masters Track Natz in Colorado Springs.. he was beat by one of the fastest around regardless of age.. Kenny Williams. Hoping to see more hardware from our boyz out there.

I started to feel the positive effects of my FH50 form with a couple good rides on the fixed gear and even pulled off a surprise win at the NSC Velodrome Thursday Night Lights last week. I rolled a season PR falling 2 seconds shy of my overall PR of 14:05 on the perfect night on Black Dog Road. I finally took a win with a 14:07. The next evening I edged out Dan Casper, who was doing some final prep for Master Natz, in a 3k Grudge Match pursuit. It was a surprise to me to beat him but we were both a little disappointed with our times. A little later I felt recovered enough to do the 80 lap points race. It was fast from the gun with Adam Bergman setting a fast pace. I sat in the  back nervously as it was my first pack event this season.  As racers tired I moved up and timed an attack perfectly and grabbed a lap on the field and a 5 point prime in the process earning 25 points which held all the way to the finish. I had no idea until Jim Cullen said “nice win timmer!” and Bob Williams made the announcemet shortly thereafter. The legs were puffy and tired at Saturday’s Birchwood road race but it was a great race and even better course and I took a lazy 3rd to Tony Olson and Dewey Dickey. Stick and Adam Big Blonde Hanson both rode impressively making the decisive break on a hot day. Sunday the legs were even more puffy and tired just in time for the State Track timed Events (pursuits). I had a sluggish Kilo for 4th then rolled a decent time to third (4:58)  behind a blazing Brian Crosby (4:50)  and Dan Casper (4:55) who were matched up for the fastest pairing on a windy day. I put the front brake back on the fixi for the TNT finale on Tuesday night and a last chance at a season PR on this rolling and demanding course. I felt better than ever and rolled an ok time (23:28)  but lost 30 seconds to new course record holder Jonathan Toftoy.

So, yes, a lot of racing and I ain’t done yet. Saturday is the ROY finale road race up in Avon, MN. A great course and hoping the field is decent. Then the Withrow finale tt. I highly recommend this event to anyone who hasn’t ridden this great tt course. Deetz HERE. This followed by the Wednesday night Black Dog TT finale. No season would be complete without it. Another Thursday Night Lights then another weekend of racing starting with the Big Ring Fliers TT. Another great TT course and the MN State Road Race on Sunday. I’m hoping to make the Thursday Night Lights events for the remainder of the season and I hope mother nature obliges.

I’m light on current pics so i’ll simply post this one since this is how my legs feel:



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Love it, hate it, love it, hate it..

I was able to hit a nice ‘peak’ in what has been a roller coaster season and win my 6th Firehouse 50 time trial in as many years. This was a tough one. Leading up to the event I knew I was hitting a peak but the mental toughness had eluded me, motivation was low. Not sure why. I was able to post a fast Black Dog time on the previous Wednesday which gave me a glimmer of hope that I may be able to ride a fast 50 miler if I got all my ducks in a row. I was, and still am, shocked how fast the race crept up on me. WTF happened to July? My times were consistent and improving in the shorter events and the fixed gear helped dial up the cadence some. But the late season State TT was a disappointment. So, going into the last week of prep I simply stayed on my pre-FH50 schedule and hoped for the best from my legs and lungs on race day. Larry Foss at the Fix put the finishing touch on my legs while my buddy Randy and the Gibbs’ family put my mind at ease with true Wisconsin hospitality. Everything fell into place except the weather.  I heard the wind blowing at 3 am when pre-race anxiety kept me from sleeping, as it always does, for fear of over sleeping the 5:20 am alarm. Squals of rain were blasting through the region and it looked to be an epic event but a course record was out of question further sinking my motivation. Stick and Elise  had my VIP spot reserved near the start and all ducks were lining up for an 8:12 am start time. I made the perfect pre-race wheel choice rolling Conti attack tires on my HED3 front, Jet Disc rear. I opted for the HED3 front, a better choice when wind is part of the aerodynamic equation. I wan’t too concerned with the start order but saw an old familiar name 30 seconds behind me, Nick Robertson, former Black Dog record holder (13:49) and member of a previous 4-person winning team. So he knows the roads and has tt savy, but lacked the fitness and rode for fun and I suspect he’ll return to form soon. So, I had the race and roads to myself and stayed in ‘control of the panic’. Former Postal rider and National TT champ, Dylan Casey, referred to time trailling as a ‘controlled panic’  and it has always stuck with me.. when you lose control of the panic you’ve lost your best tt performance. Early on I was passing my 30 second men Stick LaVick and Dave Ludwigson when a moderate sized black bear crossed right in front of us. It sobered me up some and kept me alert for the rest of the race. Animals were on the move. I got into a nice rythm and the wind didn’t affect me until about the Telemark Lodge entrance about 22 miles in. It was like a wall but once at Cable the push was welcomed. I jammed through Lake Owen drive a little better than in years past and a new stretch of black top was a welcome relief from this rustic road. The home stretch on hwy 62 was all tailwind, 54×11 and all gas Left in the tank was vaporized rolling a 1:52:40 for my second fastest time in 6 attempts. The race itself was a mental roller coaster for me. I was dealing with some saddle sore pain and heart breaking weather conditions. I thought about what I would be doing in 24 hours and walking my dog seemed so far away. I would start to hate it. Then I would get a sense of my speed and how physiologically I was on my game and I would fall in love with it again. When you are really ripping you are always on the verge of giving up on yourself.. unfortunately that’s when you ride your best.



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Finally beat the ghost!

After numerous defeats I finally took time out of Casper. It was another bluster time trial this time at the Ride n Glide TT in Withrow. Dan’s has had a brilliant season and has figured out one key element; think less. It’s somethin I’ve been harping for years.. well two or three anyway when I decided to ‘unplug’ and race on feel. Not only have we both unplugged but we both have taken the next step in ‘feeling’ a time trial by riding fixed gear tt bikes. My best performances this year have come on the fixi.. in shorter events though; Black Dog, TNT and Withrow. Last night Dan may have been undergeared opting to use his pursuit gear (51-14) for pursuit training and perhaps to battle the nasty headwind when riding south on the 3rd leg on Manning Blvd. However, the tailwind was overwhelming for even my 50-13.. But i do feel like I’m coming around. Age may have something to do with the late start. I also rode my coveted HED3  wheelset and no control issues. Dan opting for conventional front, disc rear. The battle continues tonight at Black Dog then it’s time to start preppin’ for FH50 where I won’t be riding the fixi btw.

tnt2009 005

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fabulous Fabian decending.. fabulously..

it gets really good when he hits traffic..

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Washed up still hammerin’. Haven’t updated since St Peter so I hope I remember everything. I squeezed in a 3rd (2nd after a religation) at the 2nd Massacre on Machinery Hill AKA The Fairgrounds Criterium. I was motivated by the possibilty of racing NVGP with Texas Roadhouse but got shot down. A week later was the 3rd race in the series but was a wash and I manged 2nd overall behind Doug Swanson.

Things are coming around with the tt bike. I’ve felt off my game for a while but seem to be bringing it back around. I hate posting without pics but rarely will you see a photographer at Frederic TT. What a great race though. Lance Niles got me by half a minute on a demanding and long TT course that now ranks as one of my favorites. The last Black Dog was another fixi attempt but conditions wouldn’t support a good effort. Both Casper and I rode to moderate fixed gear times on a fast night for geared bikes. A tailwind start made the gear too small but perfect for the return leg. Finally I got a weekend off missing the Great Alexander Bike Race series to celebrate Aric’s bachelor party but spent some QT on the tt bike.. offically done messing with it. I happened upon a domesticated Doug Swanson doing some lawn mowing.. his house is on the Tour De Timmer route.. wish I had my camera. This past Tuesday was my 2nd TNT race in oppressive heat.. it wasn’t too bad but i think it had an affect on my time.. losing to Casper by over a minute. I rolled a prototype Stinger disc and HED3c tubi that goes against my better judgement but hey, it’s my job. I was just about mentally prepared to take a mini break before masters natz when I heard there was a timed event night last night at the NSC.. So I went.. a lot of waiting around to do a 1k and 3k effort but glad I did. Starting to feel really good cardio-wise and the high rpm, high intensity, low volume stuff is perfect for my pre-natz taper. I lost to Casper, again, by a pedal stroke in the 12 lap 3k time trial.. rolling a 3:40.59999 to Casper’s 3:39.99995. Just when I though I was done I found out the County Cycles/GW Withrow tt is tonight. So one more tt to fine tune the motor.. then State Crit then off to Louisville KY.

NVGP Stage 1 tt with the TRH boyz..

nvgp 2009 008

Hwood gorilla marketing plan Uptown Crit followed by awesome party.

nvgp 2009 036

Ridge Road Tour de Timmer

aricsbachparty 012

Bar Ride

aricsbachparty 038

.. add beer

aricsbachparty 055

Capt Shishilla on Lake Independence post TNT.

tntboatride 002

… add beer

tntboatride 008

Thunderheads in the distance.. and Kristyheads in the foreground

tntboatride 010

Capt Shishilla n Hwood

tntboatride 016

Capt Dan Casper

timedeventsnight 012

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I have a premonition that Fabian Cancellara may surprise at the tour. This is a dominating tt performance in the Tour de Swisse.. does his cadence not look familiar?


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St Peter TT.

Until I saw the results I was pleased with my ride. It took me a good 20 minutes to feel like I could pedal efficiently and feel comfortable in the cold rain. That 20 minutes was obviously slow for me rolling a high 56 minute 40k. Another race written off to excuses.. I shit the bed but looked good doing it.

stpeter stpeter2 

Seth “T.O.P. CEO” Iverson Pics

I got back on the HED 3 wheelset and was super happy with how they ride in the wind. Despite my time they are the fastest combo I possess. I’m rolling Continental Grand Prix Attacks and they are sweet. Next up another Fairgrounds crit then one of my favorite TTs; Frederick TT, Frederick WI (WISPORT).. on a new course.. hope I pull out of this rutt.

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