Washed up still hammerin’. Haven’t updated since St Peter so I hope I remember everything. I squeezed in a 3rd (2nd after a religation) at the 2nd Massacre on Machinery Hill AKA The Fairgrounds Criterium. I was motivated by the possibilty of racing NVGP with Texas Roadhouse but got shot down. A week later was the 3rd race in the series but was a wash and I manged 2nd overall behind Doug Swanson.

Things are coming around with the tt bike. I’ve felt off my game for a while but seem to be bringing it back around. I hate posting without pics but rarely will you see a photographer at Frederic TT. What a great race though. Lance Niles got me by half a minute on a demanding and long TT course that now ranks as one of my favorites. The last Black Dog was another fixi attempt but conditions wouldn’t support a good effort. Both Casper and I rode to moderate fixed gear times on a fast night for geared bikes. A tailwind start made the gear too small but perfect for the return leg. Finally I got a weekend off missing the Great Alexander Bike Race series to celebrate Aric’s bachelor party but spent some QT on the tt bike.. offically done messing with it. I happened upon a domesticated Doug Swanson doing some lawn mowing.. his house is on the Tour De Timmer route.. wish I had my camera. This past Tuesday was my 2nd TNT race in oppressive heat.. it wasn’t too bad but i think it had an affect on my time.. losing to Casper by over a minute. I rolled a prototype Stinger disc and HED3c tubi that goes against my better judgement but hey, it’s my job. I was just about mentally prepared to take a mini break before masters natz when I heard there was a timed event night last night at the NSC.. So I went.. a lot of waiting around to do a 1k and 3k effort but glad I did. Starting to feel really good cardio-wise and the high rpm, high intensity, low volume stuff is perfect for my pre-natz taper. I lost to Casper, again, by a pedal stroke in the 12 lap 3k time trial.. rolling a 3:40.59999 to Casper’s 3:39.99995. Just when I though I was done I found out the County Cycles/GW Withrow tt is tonight. So one more tt to fine tune the motor.. then State Crit then off to Louisville KY.

NVGP Stage 1 tt with the TRH boyz..

nvgp 2009 008

Hwood gorilla marketing plan Uptown Crit followed by awesome party.

nvgp 2009 036

Ridge Road Tour de Timmer

aricsbachparty 012

Bar Ride

aricsbachparty 038

.. add beer

aricsbachparty 055

Capt Shishilla on Lake Independence post TNT.

tntboatride 002

… add beer

tntboatride 008

Thunderheads in the distance.. and Kristyheads in the foreground

tntboatride 010

Capt Shishilla n Hwood

tntboatride 016

Capt Dan Casper

timedeventsnight 012


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  1. Lalla

    Timmer why does that Alberto clown look like he’s always sliding on his saddle and keeps on pushing himself back like every 3 pedal stroke? That can’t be good can it?

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