Time trialin’

If you want the weather to go south put on a time trial. Sounds like another nasty one will be endured at the St Peter 40k tomorrow. Great course, out and back, smooth roads.. a little mind numbing toward the turn around. Ian Stanford has the CR and I remember him saying the day he went super fast that he ‘had a good song in his head’. That is key on a course like this. I may ride the fixi.. can’t make up my mind. I ride stale on this course so a change might be nice but i’ll decide in the a.m..


The Fairgrounds season opener and NVGP qualifier crit was one of the fastest and hardest local crits that I can remember. I made a deal with myself that if I won it I would do NVGP.. a tall order and 10th was all I could muster and the legs are still feeling it. Looking forward to seeing what our local contingency can muster with the ‘pros’.. My money is on Mike Whoel for a great performance and Ian Stanford has the experience to get to Stillwater as well. The SPBRC/GP kids seem to be peaking  just in time. I think Adam Bergman has a stage win in him.


Black dog #3 was par for me with a 14:37 on the fixi.. the legs weren’t responding on the way back and bike traffic knocked me off my mental game a little. Bummer as it was the perfect evening. Six more chances though.


I registered for Masters National road race and time trials.. back to back races, short and sweet. Time to get focused and fine tune the motor.

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  1. Yeah, seriously. The weather’s going to be horrible. All Cat 4 men should stay at home and sleep in.

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