Duluth Stage Race

Duluth was a great time.. great race, great weather. I didn’t have a great TT, lacked a little motivation and didn’t warm up properly. A full day in the office and a 2 hour drive didn’t help. I think I went out a little too hard and found myself with heavy legs 15 minutes into the race. Lance Niles came by me which was also demoralizing. But for the rest of the series things began to come around. The Synergy team really pulled together to keep us on the offensive which kept me secure in the pack. I lost the South Range road race stage by a bike throw with Mike Johnson and gained 15 seconds on my rivals in a time bonus. The Lakewood road race stage is brutal and we did it all right. Jake Boyce and Matt Muyres made a strong mid race break. It got realed in with a lap to go. Adam “Big Blonde” Hanson then countered with a brilliant solo effort that was smothered within a mile of the finish. It allowed for another good finish for me taking a few more seconds from the riders in front of me on GC. The final crit stage was awesome, a great course and again, great weather. Again, Synergy was on the offensive with Jake making some strong efforts followed by a strong effort by Rocket Rod Raymond and Hwood. They were joined late by a strong chase group and the laps were counting down. I knew I had the legs to win on this day but needed to be in the race within the last two laps. Matt Muyres made that happen by taking me up to the leaders with a strong effort. On the bell I was stuck at the front with 35 nervous but patient racers waiting for a move. It didn’t happen so I made a hard in-the-saddle effort into the last kilo and riding everyone off my wheel. The gap slowly came down but I was able to hold off the field with overall winner Ian Stanford in second. Unfortunately even that 20 second bonus wasn’t enough to move me up from my 1st stage place of 5th overall. But a good win for me and the team who played every card like a group of cat 1/2s are supposed to.




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3 responses to “Duluth Stage Race

  1. COngrats – saw the results earlier. Nice report!

  2. m skarp crit king

    looking at the results a short prologue
    would make for a better race
    maybe even all going stock

  3. ghost

    would hate to lose that tt…love the course and the distance, but would welcome it being stock for all and, in an ideal world, on the final day with an evening crit on Friday…by the way, I got lucky that we didn’t have chip timing on the 3rd day…if so, the final gc would have been far closer if not altered

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