Synergy TT and Charity TT. Chip timing please.

Another blustery and nasty spring day greeted us at Withrow Synergy TT on Saturday. It was a rough one. I finally became one with my bike but the conditions weren’t going to allow for a fast time. At least not from me. Ian blazed with Casper not too far off. It made the next day’s 7 miler feel like a sprint. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions on Sunday and it did provided for some fast times. The roll out from the lot may have added 5-10 seconds to the typical Black Dog time. So Ian may have an unofficial course record. I rode the fixi again to a 14:38 for 3rd but with tired legs. I’m going to have a hard time deciding which bike to grab on Wednesday’s NVGP qualifier at the Dog. The fixed gear really forces you through your weaknesses making for a painful but fast experience. If I had the choice I think I may have shifted into an easier gear at one point but i think that may have slowed me down.


Ok, Chip timing revisited. Some of us have invested in chips. We’ve all had the chance to use then and benefit from the accurate results. Chip timing wasn’t used this past weekend and I’m not sure where things went wrong but they did. Results were slow and inaccurate. There were four officials at both events and a number of volunteers so it’s obvious it’s not any one individual’s responsibilty rather a collective effort.. or lack thereof. Why four officials? can one or two be repalced with Chip timing devices? I hate to fire officials but it seems there’s a struggle to schedule enough at an event where there seems to be too many.



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6 responses to “Synergy TT and Charity TT. Chip timing please.

  1. What’s that thingy on the back of your bike?

  2. timmer

    SRM pooter..

  3. Anonymous

    slowest problem yesterday was that we didn’t have a printer.

  4. EmilyB

    sorry. that was me. i didn’t type my name. 🙂

  5. Ian

    Dude, that photo is stellar of you. Agreed, if ever there was or is a time we should be using our timing chips is should be in a time trial. See you Wednesday.

  6. super rookie

    I think more promoters would be willing to have Chip Timing at their events if:

    A) It was cost prohibitive. When I asked for a quote following the 2007 edition of the VeloCX I was told $300 for the setup/box etc… and $3-5 per rider. At 150 riders at the event I was looking at $750min for chip timing. This would have put is way in the red after our event.

    B) We didn’t have to have the same amount of officials as a normal event (yet another cost prohibitive structure).

    Just my $.02

    P.S. 517 riders at Erik’s Spring Cup. Amazing.

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