TNT or Ghent Wevegem?

The season opening TNT TT was a rough one. The conditions were more of what you’d hope to see in a Belgian spring classic. Strong wind gusts out of the south made for a nasty out and back effort on this demanding course. The position is coming around but this wasn’t a good test. Fast wheels were not controllable.. a big compromise to the new position.


The legs were still heavy from Sibley compounded by a cold blast of rain, limited warm-up and minimal motivation produced my slowest TNT time. So we’ll write this one off to ‘fun’ and experience and look forward to the Synergy Withrow TT and Charity TT this coming weekend. There were still some fast times and we roadies got schooled by the tri-guys Curt Wood and DKT. Some lighter racers turned around rather than chancing getting blown into the traffic lane. 

Then we partied TNT style.

tnt 2009 012

John Shishilla, Ron Gallas, Kristy, Timmer, Hwood.. always the last to leave.

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One response to “TNT or Ghent Wevegem?

  1. Julia

    Yea that sucked. It will get better:)

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