Fixed the Dog.

Decided to keep the fixed gear rolling for back to back time trials at the season opener Black Dog. As with the previous night’s TT I felt like it may not have been the best choice once I got it going. There was a stiff breeze out of the SW which made for a slow run out to the turn around during warm up. However, the weather broke and it calmed down just in time for my late start of 7:25. Traffic was horrible. The oncoming swarm of cars passing racers still made for blustery conditions and I passed 3 cars during the return leg. A little discerning on a fixed gear not to mention dodging the extremely broken pavement. In the end it was a good choice.. I think. I rolled a 14:38 which is pretty fast for a season opener regardless of bike choice. I was forced through the periods where I usually fade off the gear and really punched it up the final ascent to the finish in the last kilo. I still felt the Withrow effort in my legs too. But Casper ripped a good one and Tri guy Toftoy also nabbed a couple of seconds from me. Jordan Cullen impressed with a near sub 15 effort. 115 racers. Time trialling is the shit. Skibby rolled a fixi too but was tied up in traffic. Then we partied Doggy Style.


me, Ron Gallas, Stick and Caveman


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