One down, 29 to go..

I did about 30 time trials last year and I expect to do the same again this year, maybe more. We time trialers are lucky to have such a variety and selection of events spread throughout the season. I got #1 behind me at the Ride & Glide Withrow tt last night. It was a gusty evening. You can count on the local weather forecast like you can count on the Timberwolves, Twins or Vikes. The forecast called for cool temps and light winds. Of course it was the opposite. I wanted to try the fixed gear tt bike and the forecasted conditions would have been ideal. However, the actual conditions made for a hard effort for a second place behind Dan Casper. It’s a great event. Free (with $5 one-time club donation).. uncontrolled intersections but safe. The bike feels great, the gear was a little small for the tailwinds and a bit much on the headwind hilly 3rd leg of the 13 mile course. I din’t ride the deep 90 front and opted for a loaner standard wheel so I could control the bike. Time trial season is under way and I couldnt be happier. I’ll go faster. Promise.




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6 responses to “One down, 29 to go..

  1. Homme

    Looks fast, only need one brake on a fixed?

  2. timmer

    yea, in fact i think you only need one functioning brake on a tt bike per USAC/UCi rules.. could be wrong. but on fixi your legs are the rear brake. I don’t remember hitting that break in the race.. the worst part is crossing the line blasted and not being able to coast off the effort..

  3. Parental Guidance

    nice job dude! dang! I could never “spin” that gear!
    guess you now a believer huh. watch for the followers.
    hope to get to one of those TT soon…

  4. dew

    My bud Ben Sharp won nationals on a fixed gear once I think.

  5. Parental Guidance

    I believe that was a points race but your right about it being a “fixed gear”.

  6. Joel

    Out of curiosity, what gear ratio do you run on a course like Black Dog?

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