Durand Road Race 2009

I haven’t felt this good going into Durand in a long time. I did start to feel like I needed a little more rest and skipped the season opening Opus Crit to save the legs for the hills of the challenging 13 mile circuit. I also had a good team of dudes willing to support the team effort. I let them know my plans and didn’t ask anything from them except to survive and look out for each other. The wind is the determining factor at Durand compounded by the hills makes for the hardest race on the local schedule. However, the day was perfect and I didn’t consider it in my play book. My plan was to stay up front for the first half of the race to ensure that I wasn’t going to miss a move. Brone’s racer Jim Moore was an early solo agressor but staying within sight of the 66 man field. On the second lap Flanders man Mark Skarpohl made an attempt to bridge to Moore but failed. Soon it was neutralized and we were back to one large pack of mostly well rested racers. The halfway point came and went quick and favorites started to test the field but nothing would stick without a concerted unified effort. With 2 laps remaining the pace heated up and it became more important to be up front. My team mates appeared, first Matt Muyers, then Adam hanson and Jake Boyce. I faded back to do a competition inventory. I was surprised to find the back of the pack so quick as only 45 racers or so remained. We rolled through the bell Gruppo Compatto with no specific team taking firm control of the pace. The hills were going to determine the results.. or so I thought. Surviving the last 3 hills of the race was key. I survived. However five of the race’s strongest riders managed a gap and they took advantage of it; Grandstay’s Doug Swanson, Mike Woell of Flanders, Pat Lemieux of Roadhouse, Jordan Roessingh of IS Corp, and I think either Tristan Schouten of Planet Bike or CVCC’s Tristan Benzler. It seemed we just watched the top 5 ride away. But 3 teams managed to miss the move; GP, Brone’s and Synergy. Jake Boyce put in huge efforts along with Lance Niles and a few others to bring the break back within sight of the finish. The pack swarmed the road and racers jockyed for position. I got lucky and fell onto Adam Bergman’s wheel but not as lucky as Doug Swanson who had Ian Stanford’s. Ian jacked the pace to within sprint distance and Doug took a convincing win. The hills added up on my legs taking what little sprint I have away. It was tough to get out of the saddle and I watched 8 or more racers pass me in the last 100 meters. My guys did great considering I didn’t have any specific orders for them but Durand can be like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get. It’s just the start on a long and competetive season.

1 Doug Swanson
2 Gregg Brandt
3 Adam Bergman
4 Keven Pomasl
5 Michael Woell
6 David Muecke
7 Brian Koeneman
8 Chris Doig
9 Steven Holeczy
10 Jordan Roessingh
11 Tim Mulrooney
12 Jacob Boyce
13 David Schueller
14 Lance Beuning
15 Jacob Cohen
16 James Moore
17 Christian Halverson
18 Scott Flanders
19 Christopher Johnson
20 Alex Meyer
21 Derrick Lewis
22 Josh Gillingham
23 Lance Niles
24 Adam Froemming
25 Tristan Schouten
26 David Hackworthy
27 Tristan Benzler
28 Colton Barrett
29 Paul Harrison
30 Jens Brabbit
31 Jay Woller
32 Pat Lemieux
33 Ian Stanford
34 Dan Swanson
35 John Schoofs
36 Dewey Dickey
37 David Zimmerman
38 Dan Casper
39 Adam Hanson
40 Mark Brone
41 Andrew Minier
42 Tod Kinart
43 Mike Suntken
44 Morgan Wishman
45 John Acker
46 William Mayavski
47 Paul Ellis
48 Adam Gorski
49 Erik Carlson
50 Josh Roeser
51 Pete Hanna
52 Mark Sharpohl
53 Tony Olson
54 Gregory LaVick


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