NVGP Qualification revisited.

Last year I had the honor, or responsibilty, of brainstorming ideas of how to best suit the needs of local cyclist and a limited number of spots open to those cyclists to participate in the 2008 NVGP. I teamed up with some key people (Cat 1 Team members from the local Elite teams) to find a way to best approach this scenario. The debate went back of forth over 40 or so emails. This is what we came up with and a huge thanks to Dan Swanson and Dan Cleary for their timely and accurate results: NVGP QRS.

This year the subject is again up for debate and Jim Cullen is in charge of the format.
I commend his efforts and appreciate his involvement. However, this sentence concerns me:
PLEASE don’t submit your name for consideration if you are unwilling or unable to participate in the 2009 stage race. I recognize there are local elite racers fully capable of competing, but choose not to.

Although I fell into this category last year and perhaps would again this year in that I may prove my ability to compete based on my performance in the QRS but may forgo the opportunty to participate in the race.
Here’s my argument:
The QRS provided for some of the best local racing of the season and it beefed up some fields in all 3 events.
It also recognized the 2 best overall performing teams and provided and excellent base of racers ranked in order of ability from which to select a ‘composite team’.

At this point in the season it is hard to tell what my form or motivation might be in mid-June. I don’t have details on stage information yet. I don’t know what the entry fee might be nor my financial situation when the entry fee will be due. I don’t know at this time if there is a formal plan in play to attract outside sponsors to support a local team. These are key pieces of info that have an impact on my decision to race if i qualify or not.

I agree with Snideblog   based on his argument however we are at the mercy of the race promoter and his policies.. not the other way around.

Twelve spots gentlemen, let’s battle it out! e-mail Jimmer so you can be a part of the internal debate

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