Speech! …. speech?

I was flattered that a few people at the MCF banquet yelled ‘speech!’ as I recieved my ROY trophy but i’m not much of an impromptu speaker.. so in lieu of said requested speech; It was a great time. A huge thanks to Skibby who has been a great MCF headmaster and babysitter to us all. A huge thanks to the Cullen’s for their efforts. A huge thanks to the sponsors; Cliff, Peace coffee, and Twin 6.

Not to sound arrogant but i’m not quite sure how many this makes as a few were won ‘pre-internet’ but i’m guessing it’s my 8th or 9th. I have a couple that are the classic plastic trophy, a pearlizumi Jersey, some cubes, a Ron Gallas ceramic plate and now a cool glass piece. I remember my first well. Darrin Homme and I were students at UW River Falls and often trained together. I called him and asked if he’d like join me and to go into the cities so I could get my award. We went to the Lynblossom Center where the usual bi-monthly MCF meetings took and still take place. There were a handful of people there conducting business as usual. At the end of the meeting they handed out the awards from a cardboard box. I think I was the only recipient to show and I think kevin Lennon and perhaps Bob Williams were the only people at the recent Park Tavern banquet to share this experience of over a decade ago. One of the following years was also memorable (1997). I happened to organize and promote the Sean Kelly Tour visit to the Twin Cities as he visited bike shops across the US. I tied it together with the MCF banquet and ROY awards which I, and a number of others, happened to win. It was quite the honor to have my hero handing me my award. Over the next 5 years or so the ROY exchanged hands between Scott Flanders and myself and I’ve lost track of who won what and when. Matt Gates was the first to break the Flanders/Mulrooney (on team Flanders) winning streak. I missed the Bob Roll ROY banquet but lost to Brian Koeneman anyway due to missing my Henderson TT start time where I had to beat him by a place.

In closing, consistency pays, doing all the races, having well rounded ability and a strong team all play a part in winning ROY. I can’t wait to see what my trophy looks like next year!




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4 responses to “Speech! …. speech?

  1. meowmix

    Aww dude!! You are just so awesome! : )

  2. Good stuff Timmer. Love the history stuff. Congrats.

  3. Wow, that’s quite the collection, congrats, I should’ve given you the mic!

  4. I cant read those smaller ones, but they look like something from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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