HED 2009

HED 2009 is up and running!



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3 responses to “HED 2009

  1. Macy

    Very cool!!

    One question, Does the drag/yaw graph show that for most wheels drag goes down as yaw increases until a critical angle is met and then it goes up quickly? I played a scientist in a elementry school play and I can’t figure it out.

  2. timmer

    look at you mr science!! yes they should show it.. it’s called ‘Stall point’.. but usually at that very point the wheel isn’t very controllable. with regard to wheel choice you want to take advantage of that decrease in drag but as soon as it stalls the wheel loses out but like i said, you’re probably holding on for dear life.

    A+ chad

  3. Nice. I looked under the “Athlete” section and I didn’t find my profile. It appears that may be an oversight?

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