Cross training season..

First and second days of skiing are in the bank. The first being a break in session, the second being a 5 minute clusterfuck.. but all is back to normal and it looks like Mother Nature may have cleaned up her act. 778



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8 responses to “Cross training season..

  1. dew

    what did you ever do w/the White Stars? I still have mine.
    F**k that skating s**t. Classic is where it’s at.

  2. ah, the Kneisels! and addidas boots.. still have them.. good in fresh snow on groomed trails.. good skiis go a long ways Dew.. skating is where it’s at.. if you wanna join us, stick and myself and some others have a thursday routine at Wirth.. ski 1.5 – 2 hours then go to lyle’s let me know if you’re around.

  3. redBeard

    At least put a local brew in your bag vs. that mass produced stuff. Sheesh…..

  4. wAh

    you racing at Wirth on Sunday?

  5. timmer

    No! not nearly in good enough shape nor have ever done a xc ski race.. some day but not that day.

  6. Charlie Anderson

    I know you’re training for the Birkie…

  7. dew

    I know. I’ve got a real nice pair of Madshus skate skis. I hate it. Classic, check it out, better for the cycling man.

  8. samo

    Skating is all about balance & technique,not just shuffling in two grooves.

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