Blast from the past..

name him.. not you H-wood!


otherwise full house and thursday nighter. you gotta love the off season.



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9 responses to “Blast from the past..

  1. jason magozzi

    Pat ‘phobate’ Dalton

  2. timmer

    thought we’d see you last night.. meant to call. but you know the drill

  3. mark s

    best TTT partner you could ask for

  4. dew

    Pat D. Used to love driving the breaks, and riding on freeways.

  5. jason magozzi

    Motorpacing with Pat was always interesting. You had to constantly remind him to ride behind the pacer, not in front.

  6. dew

    That dork in the back looks like Handi Man.

  7. What ever happened to him after he got hit by that car? I remember promoting the Black Dog TT’s in the late 90’s and Pat would always show up. After he got hit I never saw or heard anything about him again.

    Great guy.

  8. timmer

    found food and christ .. in that order (perhaps previous to said accident).. still with NWA (not the rap group).. his daughter is a local musical talent. still a great guy.

  9. NWA (not the rap group)

    Right, he left the group around the same time as Dre.

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