Keepin up with Lance..

..Armstrong that is.. not on first name basis.. yet..
And back from training. Got a pretty radical new tt position. Will test in the tunnel nov 3-5…
Keep getting notes Doug and the team on the great meetings they are having in DC.
Out on the road with Steve Hed doing more tt position testing. Lots of talk these days about tires/rolling resistance too. Interesting.
Bout to sign a bunch of the new RftR posters. Shepard Fairey designed them. They are amazing. Wait til y’all see them.
Btw, I cooked dinner tonight. Quit laughing.
Today,Doug/Dave (LAF) had mtgs with Ambassadors from S Africa, Australia and Mexico today. More mtgs tomorrow. All excited to fight cancer.
Having dinner with bill stapleton. Old friend (and my agent!). Laughing about stuff.
Had a good session with steve hed. Working on a new time trial position.
Got the kids off to school. Bout to hit the gym then do some tt bike work with steve hed.
Just landed back in austin!


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2 responses to “Keepin up with Lance..

  1. meow

    Yah-isn’t it fun? Gives me something to do! He hasn’t gotten back to me with his address though…..

  2. meow

    wow. I can post comments into the future.

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