Five percent..

What I’m hoping 5% increase in aero-efficiency (3.5% in overall efficiency) gets me in 2009.

4000m Pursuit 4:55.1 (PR) less 3.5% = 4:44.7

Black Dog: 14:04 (PR) less 3.5% = 13:34.3

TNT TT: 23:18 (PR) less 3.5% = 22:29

State TT 40K: 53:33 (PR) less 3.5% = 51:40

FH50 TT: 1:51:21 (PR, CR) less 3.5% = 1:47:25



Just hoping 3 hours with Boone Lennon and Steve HED is worth 5%. I’m guessing it is.



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7 responses to “Five percent..

  1. timmer

    i gotta correct my math.. 5% aero efficiency savings is 5% of 70%.. or 3.5%. approximately 70% of energy is used fighting aerodynamic drag.. oops.. out of time today

  2. ghost

    scary fast no matter how you slice it…please bear in mind, that though annoying, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  3. FM Roadie

    Timmer –
    I am curious – do the pictures attached represent your improved aero position which you hope will net you an areo efficiency savings of 3.5%? From the little I’ve studied on aerodynamic design Boone is most notability mentioned for his research on elbow width and areo bar angle. It appears you have eked out every ounce of efficiency in those areas. I can’t imagine you could bring you knees in any further either. The only play you may have left is with your horizontal trunk position. Your back looks fairly flat in image #1 but a bit cupped in image #4. I would wager spending an hour every other day doing yoga would do more to improve your potential to maximize a horizontal trunk position than any time spent in tinkering in the wind tunnel. What good is finding the perfect position if you can maintain it?

    If any of this gibberish provokes a reply could you please share what your seat tube angle, top tube, seat tube widths are is in those pictures. Thanks.

  4. timmer

    Daniel, no worries.. if you can squeeze any more efficiency out of your position i’d be impressed. I was surprised how i limited myself up to this point. i can i can compromise a little comfort in lieu of aero..

    rachel, yes, new position. it’s a funny bike 650/700c, 56cm seat and top tube, 73.5 seat and head angle. pretty standard. and hour of yoga takes a distant second to an hour on the turbo. but i do both.

  5. FM Roadie

    Thanks for sharing your bike measurements. I expect you already know your effective seat tube angle is much steeper than 73.5. For starters your top tube is no were near completely horizontal. Having a smaller wheel in the front gives you a forward facing position from the ground up. It essentially moves your bike downward in the front where most time trial bikes achieve a steeper angle from the back through a straighter seat post. I estimate your effective angle is at least a 77 degrees.

    Now for splitting hairs on the means to achieving your ends: the wind tunnel versus the downward dog position. While it is true wind tunnel riding gives you data points required to identify the most efficient position and can build aero specific muscular strength (as you pedal facing a constant resistance at various degrees of force) it will not increase the range of motion (flexibility) in your back the way yoga can. The irony of spending much more time in turbo is you become stronger at the expense of becoming less flexible.

    So you already practice yoga and think you’ve got all the bases covered; perhaps. But until I see you touch the ground with flat palms I wouldn’t rate yoga a distant second – how about a very close one.

    Outlier question:
    Are you and Slick doing any organized training rides this Fall with Synergy?

  6. timmer

    no need to shove yoga down my throat.. i can touch the ground with flat palms. being more flexible than the minimum required to ride a tt bike efficiently can lead to elongated muscles which are not condusive to the contraction requirements of simple pedal stroke force. for me a flatter back will push my rib cage into my knees limiting my cardio ability. it has nothing to do with my flex’.

    no fall plans for rides.. days too short.. slick stick goes out of town on the weekends… i’m usually hung over

  7. THE FIX

    GOD love ya Timmer I think you can do it!!! You need any help give me a call

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