Hot man-on-man action..

.. at the Henderson 2-up TTT. The 8th annual event (2nd as TTT) was hosted by the Flanders crew.

Gordy Paulson and Lance Niles took top honors by a mere 0.6 seconds over Aric Harelan and myself..

with Dan Casper and Andy Mean-dawg Minier in 3rd.

Missing in action; the Swansons, Ian Stanford, GP elites..



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4 responses to “Hot man-on-man action..

  1. (dis)

    looks like the lack of aero booties did you in…

  2. timmer

    a lot of little shittin things did us in.. that’s time trialling.

  3. Ian

    Man, I had family functions to attend to. By the time I figured a way out of them our roster had been complete.
    Dude, those moto -tt’s were crazy to watch. That is just plain reckless. I am going to have to link that in a blog to share with all.
    Back in training for 09. How did three weeks off go by so damn quickly? Talk soon

  4. rICH

    Lance ROCKs IT!!! GO Lance!!!

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