State Championship Points Race

linda Sone photo

100 laps of pure adrenline fun. Well, I did 100, crosby did 99 and the rest did 98 or less.. he he. But seriously, I was able to pull a lap out of the field with a perfectly timed attack. However, Crosby managed to nail 7 sprints so even with a 20 point bonus for my effort i was behind him mid-race. My only chance was to take another lap but Crosby was able to react along with Patty Cakes. We all banked another lap and 20 point bonus on the field securing a bronze medal for Pat, silver for me and a well deserved gold for Brian Crosby.

Dan Casper did more laps than anyone having competed in the Cat 3 Scratch race soloing 20+ laps of 50 for a win.


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4 responses to “State Championship Points Race

  1. Track stuff over the last dog…
    …has Hell frozen over?

  2. ghost

    Must not have…if it had you’d be reading about speed skating…that or spiked tires…hey that would be a good mid-winter BD…mtn bikes, spiked tires, on the river ice…I’d supply some MFD gumby just in case

  3. That Crosby will be even better after he reaches puberty.

  4. super rookie

    The announcer last night was amazing.

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