Stock Bike Challenge

A picture’s worth a thousand words..

Stick, Paul Ellis and Smokin Joe Lewis.

Dan Casper ripped a fast stock time taking home the set of Ardennes. If aero equiment buys a minute that’s really rippin.. but I suspect it may buy more. I’ll be crunchin number soon to find out what the average aero advantage is for Black Dog regulars (of course you can do yourself). But a breif conversation with Steve Hed suggests the narrower the gap the more work needs to be done on the aero position.

1 Daniel Casper GrandStay 14:58.0

2 Tim Mulrooney Synergy 15:18.0

3 Roger Parenteau U/A 15:29.9 (excludes 15 second bonus, fixi, cancer surviver bonus TBD)

4 Pat Lemieux SPBRC 15:31.7

5 Andrew Minier GrandStay 15:31.9

6 Dale Sedgwick SPBRC 15:32.6

7 Gregory LaVick Synergy 15:53.0 (excludes 15 second bonus, toe clips/straps)

8 Chris Doig Flanders 15:58.0 (excludes 15 second penalty for taking time to remove bottle cages)

9 Paul Ellis SPBRC 16:01.0

10 Alec Kloss Flanders 16:05.0
11 Chad Macy Loon State 16:15.0 (excludes 15 second bonus for beating Jimmer and getting crap for it)

12 Jim Cullen Loon State 16:17.0

13 Ben Schinke Silver Cycling 16:27.0
14 Matt Stein Silver Cycling 16:31.0

15 David Ludwigson Loon State 16:46.0 (double down bonus)
16 Morison Hall U/A 16:51.0
17 Dan Berhow Silver Cycling 16:52.0
18 Hugh Hanson AUC 16:56.0
19 Thomas Pletcher Flanders 16:58.0
20 Alex Dahlquist Synergy 17:00.0

21 Steve Knowlton Silver Cycling 17:05.0 (steve did double down.. worth 30 second bonus)

22 Rob Byers SPBRC 17:10.0
23 Joel Lewis SPBRC 17:14.0

24 John Stamm Loon State 17:25.0
25 Rob Strange SPBRC 17:36.0
26 David Smith Silver Cycling 17:43.0
27 Seth Iverson U/A 17:49.0 (excludes 15 second bonus, fixi)
28 Stephen Swenson Silver Cycling 17:52.0
29 Aaron Pidde Silver Cycling 17:52.0 (injury recovery bonus TBD)
30 Brian Furey Silver Cycling 18:04.0
31 David Olson U/A 18:15.0
32 Mike Stensrud Loon State 18:17.0
33 Brett Turner SPBRC 18:41.0
34 Mark Dietz U/A 18:43.0
35 Jim Geppert SPBRC 18:50.0
36 Paul Krafthefer Kenwood 19:09.0

37 Pat Quintero U/A 19:14.0



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3 responses to “Stock Bike Challenge

  1. Painman

    Thanks Timmer!

    Good times!!

  2. Parental Guidance

    OK. Toe clips and 2 seconds- I’m riding those beautiful wheels! I’m motived now!
    Thanks Timmer for calling this event out!
    Maybe next time.

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