Black Dog Stock Bike Challenge!!

When: Wednesday August 13th

Where: Black Dog Time Trial (details of venue, start time and registration found HERE)


Black Dog series regulars register in your designated category. Non-regs and newbies can reg in either the Stock category or the one listed on your license.

Stock bike must be used (drop or bull-horn bars), funny bikes are allowed (650/700c combo)

no aero bars

no aero helmets

no deep section wheels (rim depth must be less than 40mm)


15 second bonus for fixed gear (must have one functioning brake by USAC rules)

15 second bonus for toe straps/cage pedals

Awards given to fastest overall male (set of Ardennes) and female (Front HED3).. includes any time bonus.

Sponsored by HED, Hollywood Cycles, Silver Cycling and anyone who brings beer.


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    I think you meant this:

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