Blue Fin Timmer

My 40th was Sunday.. yep, 40. It started at 12:01 am sunday moring in Outing, MN and finished  off at 11:59 pm Sunday night at Lyle’s. Every minute of it was a good time. Thanks to (in order of appearance); Randy, Molly, Maggie, Todd, Allison, Stick, Elise, H-wood, Kristy, Snide, Madness, Mike Delany, the Cat 1,2,3 field, Mom, Lynne Oland, Bob, Dana, Matt Anderson, James Tainter, Wheels, Eric Bartz, and Drew. I’m probably the most difficult person to buy a gift for but my mom managed to surprise me with a Ron Gallas piece appropriately named

Blue Fin Timmer.


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3 responses to “Blue Fin Timmer

  1. Maggie

    The piece is officially named Blue Fin Timmer? Now that’s a thing only a Mom could hunt down. Pretty cool.

  2. Congratz, now you can race 40+ CX!!! 😉

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