Black Dog Stock Bike “Stick” Challenge

Take the Black Dog Stock Bike Challenge!


Greg “Stick” LaVick posted a blazing 15:52. Stock bike, no deep section wheels, no aero helmet, no skin-suit. I may formalize this challenge so start training now.



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7 responses to “Black Dog Stock Bike “Stick” Challenge

  1. I have bumped into the Stick several times on my home from work, and putting all critics to rest, he was all business. Next time Stick, be a man and leave on the frame pump.

  2. Timmer, have you ridden that single/fixie yet for a race?


    not yet ray… but after last night i think it’s time.. but i think i’m going to take the stick challenge as well.

  4. didn’t go unnoticed. i read the results and pert’ near crap my pants. thats good stuff.

  5. Mark D

    Sweet! Pick a date and make it happen. Too bad we can’t wear the Cinelli hairnets anymore. That would be icing on the cake.

  6. dew

    I wonder if Stick puked after the race?

  7. Julia

    When i saw Stick on the way back from the finish he looked pretty darn fresh, smiling…talking about his post race refreshment. I bet ya he is saying “bring it..”

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