UCI TT Frame Jig

Here it is (thanks to Bruce Braesemle for your time)

Pretty simple. Set bike on it and adjust the bike so the center of the spindle is in the right place. You can instantly see where your saddle set-back is in relation to the spindle (5 cm set back required) and the extensions in relation to the spindle as well (80cm from spindle center to extension ends by official Bruce’s claim). I think the confusion and headache comes from the extension measurement. Some say end of the extensions where the shifter goes in, and others (according to Ian Stanford) measure to the pivot point of the shifters. This is about 1.5cm deviation in ruling. However, if you’ve ever installed shifters, extensions etc it’s a real rat-fuck if you have to make on the spot race-day adjustments. The problem is compounded for shorter/taller people who, if their bike fails the test, have to have physiological measurements which are even more invasive and time consuming.

My bike falls 0.5 cm shy at the saddle and at the extensions meaning that i’d have to adjust everything back 0.5 cm to conform to the UCI and I’ll do that the minute the UCI sends someone over to mow my fuckin lawn.



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7 responses to “UCI TT Frame Jig

  1. Bruce

    Ian’s correct. The measurement for the aero extensions is to the pivot point of the shifters. I reviewed the measurement guidelines when I got home. I apologize for the error.

    Also, the extensions are limited to 75 cm without the morphological test and 80 cm with the morphological test. The morph test check to make sure your elbows are bent no more than 120 degrees when in TT position, to prevent riders from using the superman position.

  2. timmer

    no problem bruce and i don’t think you’re the only one who’s made the error..

    damn that Graham Obree!

  3. Ian

    Oh, it isn’t the letter of the law, it is more the spirit of the law. Is that not what the UCI said to Obree? Anyhow, Yep, I measure up with about 75.6cm in the extension so I have to take the “Morph from Ork” exemption. From there they are looking for less than 120 degrees in the arm and within 80 cm in length. That, means sit foward on the bike when you get on but keep your knee cap within .5cm of the direct line through the spindle. Wtf? So, a train leaves Clevland at 10 pm going 26 mph, and another train leaves Omaha at 9 pm………Just let us time trial!

  4. john shishilla

    I put my bike on the jig and it failed both the saddle and bar measurements. Then I got on it for the morph test and passed both, but with learning. My saddle is about 3cm tip to bb center. For the morph test, my front of knee (wherever the official determines that is- could be risky on race day) has to be at or behind the BB center. Easy to do by sliding reasonably (not butt hanging off end) back on the saddle and dropping foot to level. Arms were not a problem mine couldnt be more than 100 degree and I doubt that anybody riding fast tts has upper arm extension exceeding 120degrees – unless you purposely went for the superman position which would have put your saddle measurement way off legal anyway. So bottom line is that like most bicycle measurement norm stuff based on shorter, fat part of the curve morphs, it kind of unravels for persons over 6 feet. (think 170mm cranks for a 5.4 vs outrageously long 180s for 6.4)

  5. Event Overall Results Place Last Name First Name Gender Age Type Finish
    1 Mulrooney Tim M age 01:03:32.7

  6. Tuffy

    Does UCI have a helmet jig?

  7. dew

    They (the feds) were measuring our bikes at Joe Martin this year. Funny thing was it’s an uphill tt and no one was useing a tt bike. Was that an OT comment?

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