Name that..

 ..HED visitor and cycling entrepreneur

HED beanie for first correct answer..




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7 responses to “Name that..

  1. super rookie


  2. Jeff

    I have no idea who that is (Keith Bontrager seems logical), but I need your help. I stripped out a tapped hole on my hed aerobars. The part that holds the extension to the base bar.

    I’m desparate for a part to race tomorrow.

    Any way you can help me?

    If you see this please give me a call



  3. Tuffy

    Boone Lennon?

  4. Ian

    Christ, do you guys have Timmer’s site up 24/7? I didn’t even get a chance. Of course, I have been drinking Peroni’s for the past 3 hours. Oh well, I will give you the actual correct answer……Bernie from “Weekend at Bernies.” I’ll take the beanie now. Yes, I know. It is Keith and he is loving life. Ciao -Ian

  5. timmer

    look at the big brain on tuffy..

  6. Tuffy

    Does that mean my guess was correct? If so, it was a near-complete shot in the dark. I know Lennon is good friends with Hed, but couldn´t find a Lennon pic on Gooooooooooooooogle to confirm.

    If I was right, I wear a l-xl, Timmer…

    PS: Why´d you cut your hair? Now you´ll lose all your power!

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