Seven straight days of racin’

I finished off seven straight days of racing last night at the TNT TT in Medina. I managed a rare win on a sluggish night beating Dan Casper by 20 seconds. Our TNT battle is just beginning.

My series started at last week’s Black Dog TT, followed by the season opener at the NSC Velodrome (winning cat 3 omnium), then off to the Duluth Stage Race and the Wrenshaw TT where i was humbled by a blazing Ian Stanford, followed by a hard earned win at South Range RR in a 2-up sprint with a future star Eric Thompson, followed by a mentally brutal 6 laps at the Lakewood RR where mother nature won, followed by a well played team win by Stick at Cloquet Crit. My legs hurt, my bikes need a cleaning and a fortune cookie says there’s a bar ride in my near future.


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2 responses to “Seven straight days of racin’

  1. Taylor

    I could use a drink too.

  2. Kaveh

    I’ve got beer…in fact…I have access to lots of beer!

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