WOW from the sidelines

After the Rib Falls TT I blasted up to my northern Wisconsin hideaway, grilled a steak and rested up for the Wheels on Willy crit in Madison. My plan was to use the 30+ for warm up and get to know the course some. It was a 100+ field, mix of masters, cat 1,2 and cat 3s. So in short; sketchy. I felt great and picked pockets and got the know the course in no time. I was super bummed to miss a break but I didn’t quite want to take a hard effort to bridge so I cherry picked a couple of primes and spun the legs mid-pack. 45 minutes had me concerned about the Pro 1,2 race as I had only 40 minutes to refuel. I managed a great starting slot and was the 2nd guy through the first corner which was key. I stayed up front and out of trouble and found myself off the front in an early break with Marcotte and Jordan Roessingh among others. But 2 laps later we were back in the battle at the front of the pack. I covered a couple more moves then the tank went empty. I got stuck in the wind on a couple of stretches and couldn’t recover. So i bagged it at the 20 minute mark and watched one of the most dynamic races unfold. Grandstay was present as well a couple of Penn guys, Dewey, Snide and of course a strong GP squad supporting Marcotte. I watched 3 or 4 strong breaks form but get realed back in and i think Marcotte was in each. But the one that mattered he wasn’t in. 5 guys managed to get a good rythm and bank 30 seconds in a couple of laps, a gap that would be secure despite GP’s combined efforts. Marcotte won the field sprint for 6th. WOW is the poster child for the American criterium.


 Linda Sone pic.


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  1. and it was celebrating it’s 21st year…well beyond the legal drinking age in Wisconi.

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