2008 Tour of 10,000 Lakes

Tues, May 20, Stage 1; Opus Criterium

Wed, May 21nd, Satge 2; Black Dog TT

Thurs, May 22rd, REST DAY

Friday, May 23, Stage 3, Wrenshaw TT

Sat, May 24, Stage 4, South Range RR

Sun, May 25, Stage 5, Lakewood RR

Mon, May 26, Stage 6, Cloquet Crit

Tues, May 27, Stage 7, TNT TT



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9 responses to “2008 Tour of 10,000 Lakes

  1. Thursday no rest BUCK HILL!!!!!!!!!!
    Do it, H-WooD

  2. or, do something sane;
    like race the track!

    either way, rest days don’t exsist.

  3. timmer

    yea, i’ll be there but it doesn’t quite fit the mold of a road stage.. we’ll call it a ‘transfer day’ then..

  4. Charlie Anderson

    You must be looking at a 2007 calender because all your dates are off by one.

  5. timmer

    blogging is so much work..

  6. super rookie

    people would still go to quad cities.

  7. I’m doing the exact opposite, the only one of those days that I’m racing is May 22nd, on the track…

  8. Yer gonna be hurtin’…gosh.

  9. zim

    Your plan needs many, many more rest days!

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