TNT.. will it ever be warm?

63 racers braved the cold air in Medina for the 1st race of the TNT tt series. I was, and have been off my game some this year and rode to a sluggish 4th. But I feel like I’m on April fitness. Everything is where i want it. Now I just have to hope I start coming around. Congrats to Casper for his good ride on a slow night. He even beat DKT.

I caught Gear West’s Eric Hendrickson for 1’30” and we battled the last 2 miles to the line. Triathletes are tough to shake and they race by the rules…. no drafting.

Maybe 5 pounds will make a difference..

Warm down? Ron Gallas, Charlie Townsend, Sherry Birde and myself bitchin about the cold in horse country.



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2 responses to “TNT.. will it ever be warm?

  1. super rookie


    Will you explain to the world that it is the following riders responsibility to not draft. There seemed to be some confusion the other day that it was the over taking riders responsibility to make sure they are 25m ahead of the rider they just passed before moving over.

    I think that is stupid and asinine to think that.

  2. Julia

    At least the plows weren’t out. Geesh.

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