A beautiful waste of energy..


Marty proved to be one hell of a race. Hats off to GP for riding a smart race and Grandstay/LSC for putting it on. The race start was typically fast considering the nasty NW wind. When Doug put in a strong effort off the front i was alone in deciding to go with him. We banked as much as 2:45 on a power packed field but it was all in vain as GP pounded the gap down in less than a lap. I was happy to hammer with Doug even though i was about 1/3 the effort. It beats fighting for a draft in a twitchy field. When Doug and I conceded our effort we took a minute to refuel and stretch the legs and backs. It was enough for me to get back into battle and fight for a spot in the crosswinds. I was surprised to see that the field was missing some strong riders including team mate Aric Harland who was unable to return to the pack after a nature break. As we approached the second to last time up the hill Dewey told me he was going to launch an attack with “wreckless abandonment”.. Thanks for the heads up Dewey but the checks that i wrote up the road with Doug were starting to bounce. Six guys were lucky enough to react and the race was over for anyone missing out including myself. Passive racing in the closing miles would push me down to 17th. Stick Lavick earned huge tough guy points banking 18th.

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  1. Mark S TTKING

    Does Harland need a nurse maid to keep an eye on him

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