New pursuit bike

cant make up my mind; which should i get.. the black or the white?





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12 responses to “New pursuit bike

  1. i’ll take the black one… 😉

  2. White is faster. It’s a proven fact.

  3. so it will look faster from the outside of the track and slower on the infield?

  4. ghost

    Nice shirt…

  5. super rookie

    Doesn’t matter which bike you get, because you still have to watch out for…wait for it…wait for it…

    (go with the black one)

  6. a. kruse

    is that bike seriously a “liger”?

    Has Max Lelli never seen Napoleon Dynamite? 🙂

    (nice bike…)

  7. timmer

    it’s not a tiger, nor a lion
    white on the home stretch, black on the back stretch..

  8. Kaveh

    Black….nice shirt…thanks for representing.

  9. If I’m not mistaken, that’s a picture of me on the wall behind you ripping it up at Black Dog…

  10. Parental Guidance

    “It’s not about the bike”…

  11. its all about the blk n’ white! exactlly guys its blk and white, kickstand side black drive side white and pink(red) in between!

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