Synergy is NOW!

synergykit-003.jpg synergykit-004.jpg


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6 responses to “Synergy is NOW!

  1. super rookie

    “Hey, is this seat taken?”-Haredog

  2. Hitman

    What happened to “all black”? – Aric the Assoss model.

  3. Suprizzzzed to say I like it. You know I did not want to like it. But I do. “He likes it, hey Mikey!”

    Mike Anderson that is.

    The logo in front? Who will ever see that?

    The UCC 99′ road sign/bumble bee look was, dare I say, much bolder. But bold is old and subtle rules the day. Good job.

  4. UCC 99 #2

    Sweet, I’m pulling out my old Bumble Bee kit right now to support the new team. Ya it still fits. Hey UCC 99 tag your it. (find me)

  5. I wear the Skinsuit for special nights and twisted times.

    Your it

  6. UCC 99 #2

    Stop it! I just fell off my chair.
    I just wear the socks.

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