2008 Milan – San Remo

from cyclingneews:

“Due to the Easter weekend and road construction, the race will not finish on its usual Via Roma percorso, but closer to the seaside. The finale of the Poggio will be some three kilometres longer.”

I have a vision of Robbie McEwen pick-pocketing his way to a win this year..



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12 responses to “2008 Milan – San Remo

  1. Kaveh

    Nice…I was waiting for this post.

    I’m going with Thor, although Boonen is due at this race too. but Thor is riding good right now and has what is needed to beat all in the sprint.

    Thanks Timmer.

  2. timmer

    good call.. i was totally thinkin thor too.. then i saw the longer finish off the poggio and thought it’s a good amount of time for robbie to collect himself.. i’ve watched him in the past and he gets up to the front too early and blasts himself.. now he can take a little more time and pick the pockets to the front like he does in the tour.

  3. I’m going to go with Ballan on that finish.

  4. Oscar Friere yep back ta back!

  5. speedfix

    My only pick – Ricco and Schleck are going to give it a shot over the top of the Poggio again this year….

  6. Dana

    I’m putting my money on Museeuw

  7. dave

    complete subject change, but have you seen the date change for frederic TT?


  8. timmer

    hey dave, but i guess nothing has been confirmed.. not sure what the formal date is yet.. the fixi is ready for st peter though

  9. dave

    that seem crazy to me, although it would be a fine course for that business. i have a hard enough time turning a geared bike around, let alone a bike i can’t back pedal with.
    hopefully they hold that day

  10. Lalla

    Another subject change…

    Timmer will the “Jet C2” be available soon? I need some new wheels soon.

  11. timmer

    yep, they’re available.. shoot me an e-mail..

  12. Kaveh

    Watched the race on cycling.tv, a great finish and excellent winning move. Good quality racing.

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