TNT Time Trial dates posted..


Now I’m gettin fired up..

2008 Tuesday Night Time Trial Series

  • May 13th
  • May 27nd (*)
  • June 10th  (i’ll be at Cat 6 fairgrounds crit this day)
  • June 24th (*)
  • July 8th (*)
  • July 22nd
  • August 5th (*)
  • August 19th

* = Team TT event in addition to the individual TT. Teams will go first to allow for any Team participants to partake in the individual competition if they desire.
– Pre-Race registration opens at 6:00pm and will close upon reaching capacity and/or 6:50pm.
– All races will begin promptly at 7:00pm



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3 responses to “TNT Time Trial dates posted..

  1. T3

    bummer — i take it timmer will be a no show at the june 10th state fair crit…

  2. timmer

    highly mistaken..

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