Hittin the Birki trails with Stick

With a cold forcast for the weekend I decided to join Greg Stick Lavick for a quick trip to Cable and a couple of days on the Birki trail system. It was amazing. 30k each day blasted my legs. XC skiers make us cyclists look like complete panzies.





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5 responses to “Hittin the Birki trails with Stick

  1. marks

    Stick is still alive and skiing no less ,say hi to him for me
    just did a 25k ski race at 6500′
    you’re right cycling is easy compared to skiing
    problem is I usually put the skis away about the time i’m coming into form

  2. Dana

    those purple tights stick is wearing are way too hott

  3. marks

    what about timmers shirt
    must be Irish

  4. Dew

    Did stick barf much?

  5. timmer

    good one dewey.. no barfing from stick.. i came close on the high point hill though

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