Frank Vendenbrouke

I usually try to avoid drama on this site but to Frank:



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4 responses to “Frank Vendenbrouke

  1. It looks like all the guys at the City have signed it. I’ll have to talk to them.

  2. I signed it right after Timmy, Frankie V needs a job, his poor dog can’t afford the good stuff anymore!

  3. Jake

    VDB used to be my favorite pro. I hope he gets to race again.

  4. timmer

    the guy was good at timing his cycles I’ll give him that. but when you break away from andre tchmil, peter van petegem, o’grady, 4 mapei guys, and take one with you who only sits on, then beat him in the sprint.. you hit your cycle right on que (Het Volk 1999?)

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