Het Volk 2008.. who’s winning?


I printed it and threw a dart at it and came up with:

152 Nico Eeckhout (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen



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10 responses to “Het Volk 2008.. who’s winning?

  1. Flecha, shoot’n an arrow!

  2. a. kruse

    Eeckhout ain’t that bad of a choice, actually…..

  3. timmer

    I was aiming for Nico.. Juan Antonio was my other choice.. but i don’t see orange and blue in my crystal ball..

  4. 94 Philippe Gilbert (Bel)

    take that to the bank.

  5. Errr, ahh, hmmm… Boonen? He has form. Just won a stage of Cali, and he won Quatar. Can climb a bit this time of year too. Didnt he win that race once, or was it the one after this?

  6. Leif Hoste will be the man!

  7. Pellis

    Tyler Farrar (USA)
    I think he can pull it off.


    Holly Shit…….what did you get? Ya this is off subject. SO what did you get to ride for the the old Killer Bee squad? Did Lindstrom set this up?

  9. timmer

    Eric!! what’s new man? see you friday night at H-wood’s? bee there dude.. Lindstrom? good one. saw the man himself and the kid last weekend.. one word: descender.. graham feels no pain so he should be on the track ASAP..

  10. HANSEN

    I will be there if I can get a hall pass to attend. Ya it happens to all of us still eating like we are riding 200 miles and only getting out to to roll around the hood with the kids. Later.

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