Sammy Sanchez Attacks!

This is a good one. Sanchez attack on a descent, takes a couple of big chances and gets a small gap. That gap is all he has to work with. Note he takes a drink with 800m to go.. this was a youtube video of the month from PRO CYCLING mag.


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7 responses to “Sammy Sanchez Attacks!

  1. this was a youtube video of the month from PRO CYCLING mag.

    I guess not for long…

  2. flood

    Wow. That was just incredible. How did he pull that off? He actually gained time every kilometer…in front of about 20 guys. And the run in through town? Yikes!

  3. That run in off the cobbled climb was featured in a latter stage of the Vuelta 2003. In that stage a 2 man break got clear and was caught right on the line by the field. Erik Zabel won. I’ve seen that video a few times on the trainer, that was the fastest grand tour stage in the last few yrs, 50km/hr…

    For Sanchez to get away and stay away on his own is impressive!

  4. Ian

    Man, I have seen him pull of descents like that before. I think in another Vuelta he pulled the same move. All I remember is of him actually sliding though the switchbacks all “no brakes L. Jalabert style.” It just goes to show that “Crack” actually can make you a better downhiller. He is not the smoothest descender but one of the most daring.

  5. Randy L.

    Thanks Timmer, that was one impressive ride by Sammy. It was kind of funny taking a drink 59 seconds from the line but he still won. He is his quote on that drink – “Well, I was feeling half dead and my mouth was really dry so I needed a drink,”

  6. Yep, reminds of the days descending with John Tomac on our road racing team…fearless and jerking style out of corners to lift his front wheel in order to correct for the set up in the next corner..”the poursuivants” were breathing down his shoulder though….

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