Name that ex-pro contest..

This is a tough one… click on pic for larger view

max-in-sicily.jpgThis is a tough one…



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7 responses to “Name that ex-pro contest..

  1. Malcom Elliot, man when you were talk’n ta Max and Cipo it sure went a long way.

  2. Ray

    I would’ve guessed he had his name on his bike…Max Lelli

  3. timmer

    yep, Ray’s the winner

  4. Rich

    Elliot is still racing… Oldest active pro in the world/ Fred Rompelburg.

  5. koeneman

    I thought it was Roy Knickman from Coors Light yore.
    A few years back I was climbing Vail pass and the paint on the road was still there from mid 80’s Red Zinger SR: “Knick Some Butt, Roy!”

  6. Ian

    I don’t know, I think it looks like an old photo of Pantani or something. Maybe Dave Mirra?

  7. Scotter

    I think it’s Paul Mueller

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