Deep thoughts…

In the bike industry,

at the retail level,



 or whenever there is a customer..

the customer is…



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7 responses to “Deep thoughts…

  1. Smithers

    This business would be great if it was not for the consumers…and the dealers…and the distributors…and the manufacturers.

    Otherwise, this business is great!

  2. Wrong or ill-informed? Perhaps ill-informed because of some manufacturer claims and marketing promotions? (dimples?)

  3. timmer

    good point mark..
    i’m having a nasty case of the ‘mondays’

  4. Surely there has to be a good customer story to share….that helped with the nasty ‘mondays’?

  5. timmer

    it’s “where’s my order??!!” and Spnsorship season.. and it’s still monday.. and don’t call me shirly 😉

  6. Super Rookie

    What’s your vector victor?

  7. Ian

    God knows that you have to have your wheels in January. Maybe if the “sponsored” athletes wouldn’t sell all their stuff immediately at season’s end and hang on to at least one pair of wheels they wouldn’t put themselves in such a bind thus putting Timmer and crew lives in such chaos.
    One of my past, old, and wise marketing professor’s once noted, “The customer is no longer right.” Agreed!

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