Chris Kerr Memorial Road Race

For those of you who missed the 2007 event it went a little something like this.. just put “Mulrooney” where they say “Zoetemelk”.. remove most of the crowd, think Wisconsin instead of Italy.. LeMond is Scott Flanders, Jim Cullen is Argentin and Homme is played by Gerard Velscolten from Holland.


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2 responses to “Chris Kerr Memorial Road Race

  1. nickelnuts

    which one was sitting on…whoever that was, think Homme.

  2. superrookie

    Chris Kerr Memorial is far more awesome.

    “38 years old and coming out of no where, LeMond needs help…Joop is going to STEAL this event.”

    yep, i says that sums up the Chris Kerr in 2007

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