Timmer’s 2007 Best of…

My votes are in for 2007 Best of..

Best TT course: Velo Bella Hamel TT.

Best TT: Velo Bella Hamel TT.

Best Road Race course: Avon State Road Race.

Best Road Race: Gluek/Marty Road Race.

Best Criterium course: Northfield Crit

Best Criterium: State Championships Capital Crit.

Best Event Promotion: Grandstay Tour of Granite County

Best Performance Road Race: Doug Swanson (Durand, KWMRR, Gluek/Marty)

Best Performance TT: Ian Stanford (State TT championships)

Best Performance Crit: Aric Hareland (State Crit Championships)

Most Improved Road: David Zimmerman (honorable mention Dan Casper)

Most Improved Track: Dan Currell

Most Improved Cross: Dan Casper

MVP (best Domestique): Andy “mean dawg” Minier

Most Dedicated Racer: Dewey Dicky.

Best Performance by a Team: GP/SPBRC (Avon State Road Race)

Best Race Series: Black Dog TT (honorable mention TNT)

Best Picture:




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2 responses to “Timmer’s 2007 Best of…

  1. tcoughlin

    You forgot best post-race bar.

  2. Erickson

    How about comeback rider of the year?

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