Vegas.. in closing.

It took a little while but I can finally close out the Vegas Industry Cup story thanks to Kristy and H-wood and this Video. After the race and a couple of beers we (H-wood Wheels, Mike King and myself) were hanging around watching the Pros when Mike King says “Hey, let’s go harass LeMond!” I heard him announcing on the podium so I knew Mike was serious. So we head over to the VIP area where King is greeted with a huge hello from Greg. Greg invites us all into a small area where the race announcers and officials were staged. King and Greg go way back so it was fun just eve’s dropping on their reunion. King invites Greg on a hunting trip and H-wood records the reply.



In closing, the Cipo/LeMond experience was a season and even a career highlight but winning Chris Kerr solo and some of my dominating TT performances are what i’ll be thinking about when it’s turbo trainer season.


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  1. Timmer, sorry to keep ya waiting so long, but at least I finally got it out there. : )
    It was a blast!

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