In lieu of scanner i took pics of my favorite posters. These are too good for autographs but if Joop, Sean or Greg ever come to my house they can sign ’em. 



I’m 39 this year. Joop was 39 when he won this World’s road race in 1985. I have it on VHS. In the backround are Saroni and LeMond battling out the Silver taken my LeMond. If you ever get a chance to see this finale and your heart rate doesn’t go up you aren’t a bike racer. It’s an amazing finish. Campy made these posters when they won world’s. Not sure if they still do it.. or maybe Campy hasn’t won worlds in a while.

Inspiration Part II


Sean Kelly was my early inspiration after the 1986 Paris Roubaix which I also have on VHS. This is a classic Vittoria Shoe poster given to me by Como Pete of all people.

Inspiration Part III


I found this poster in a small bike shop in Atlanta. An Avocet add.. whatever happened to Avocet? the alpha male of bike computers from 1986 to 1994. RIP.

I’ve ridden with Greg on 2 occasions. One very cold snowmobile trail ride with Dewey and another long 100+ mile road ride with Dewey and Eric Ringsrud.. both in the winter of 1990. On the second occasion we stopped at a bar in Belle Plaine, ate hot dogs and drank rootbeer on Greg’s tab. Classic LeMond.. then he put ‘er in the 12 for about 22 miles from Green Isle to Waconia. We barely managed to stay on his wheel. A month later all four of us were in France.



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5 responses to “Posters

  1. tcoughlin

    There are some great ones at TPC in Duluth, you should check them out. I think Denis has all those and more.

  2. dew

    I forgot about those rides. Um, guys, is it ok if I use the shower first? Remember that?

  3. superrookie

    Como Pete gave you a poster?

    I am shocked.

  4. dlud

    Avocet is still around. They are well known in the downhill ski business for an altimeter watch that calculates the number of runs you have made, your total vertical feet skied, rate of descent, etc… Pretty cool stuff.

  5. Adam

    Campy has won the last three Worlds, at least. (Boonen, Bettini 2x)

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