In the beginning..

The early days of aero bars, helmets and disc wheels. This is a great video from the 1990 Tour De Trump. Eki carried his aero position all through his career to perfection. LeMond wasn’t too bad. Bauer? you be the judge.



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5 responses to “In the beginning..

  1. Hummm…

    I have found that, in order to post a fast time, it is crucial to actually stay on the bike for as much of the time trial as possible.

    Any time spent off the bike either sliding across or sitting in the road, or standing in pain waiting for a replacement bike, will generally affect your time for the worse.

    Then again, I was never a pro bike racer so my experience should be taken with a grain of salt.

  2. superrookie

    I also find that replacement bikes should be equipped with aero equipment in order to succeed at getting a fast time.

  3. Flo

    Looks like LeMond is trying to move his head out of the airflow as much as possible, looking up every once in a while just to see where he is going. Also looks as if the Landis/Leipheimer mantis position may have been the “original” way to position the arms. What is scary is how much the current rules have negated so much of what is in this video. Good stuff……..

  4. dew

    Guess that’s why no one uses a front disc anymore.

  5. geeezuz that tele-pole was com’n fast,fuc

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