Boom Island cross.

I suck.


thanks to Ray for the bad memories.


..and Linda..

But seriously, it was a fun way to call it a season. I’ll be out cheering everyone on for the rest of the season from the sidelines. I’m done! next up; Durand.

Hey Scotter! Get well soon.. and I’ll see you next season if not sooner. I gotta repay you for Cameron/Chris Kerr memorial road race.


thanks Smithers



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5 responses to “Boom Island cross.

  1. Ray

    Aw man, don’t quit now…at least until Tomba asks for his glasses back.

  2. Linda

    Durand?? Whaaa?? You’ve done at least state every year? Comeon one more whirly doo..

  3. Timmer, if you don’t at least race state I will no longer have treats for you when you come over!

  4. Timmer-
    I will c u at the last one!! The St. XC race in Crystal…

  5. Fun to see you today, ridin’ in the grass ..practicing! Of course I took the easy route on the road bike:)

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